Want to change the name the home page on your WordPress blog?

July 21, 2008

Tips and Tricks, Wordpress

Here’s how:

You need to open your header.php file of the theme you are using. Log into your Administrator section (wp-admin). Go to DESIGN > THEME EDITOR (or PRESENTATION > THEME EDITOR in older versions of WordPress). On the RIGHT-HAND side where it says “[Your Theme’s Name] theme files”, find header.php or just Header and open it (click on it).

Find this line:

  • /” title=”Home”>Home
  • Only change the word Home to the right of “title=” and in between the brackets after that (e.g. >Home>). Change those to Blog, or to whatever you want.

    If you can’t save the change in Theme Editor, then either follow the link to The Codex beneath the window in which you are editing the file, or log into your server via FTP and change the header.php file in the folder of your current theme, which will be located in /public_html/wp-content/themes/yourcurrenttheme (“yourcurrenttheme” being the name of the theme you are currently using) if your WordPress install is in your root directory.

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